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Business support
for shop keepers & micro-traders.





We have designed Ogbonge Agent to be simple and easy to use. For the everyday hardworking shopkeeper and micro-business looking to succeed. Ogbonge Agent ensures that you have access to knowledge about the best and most profitable products in the market that you can resell.



Ogbonge Agent is positioned as an Edtech with Trade Network aggregation capabilities. We are able to offer our members the best product onboarding, detailing, deals and attractive offers from our partnering manufacturers, product and service providers. We also design and operate Single Banner multi-platform retail promotions on behalf of our members. This allows members of the Ogbonge Agent Network to benefit in ways that they cannot if they simply trade alone



We take away the wahala of managing your retail business. From helping you pay instalmentally, to providing bookkeeping, marketing, and training services all at very affordable prices that small and micro-retailers can afford. We deploy easy-to-use technologies to help you solve your everyday retail business problems. 


We offer our members the best TRAINING & BUSINESS SUPPORT as a service for shopkeepers and micro-traders. We arrange deals and attractive offers from our partnering manufacturers, product and service providers. We take away the wahala of managing your shop business. We give you beta support like bookkeeping, marketing, and business training, all for less than N500 a month ”

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Do beta business with
our special offers
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Get a digital sales book & shop book keeping service
  • We will give you a free digital day sales book and prepare your monthly sales accounts for you with daily reports you can see on your phone

  • We will set up a credit monitoring service for you and help you send reminders to your debtors to pay you, so you never forget.

Get marketing support for your shop
  • We will help you advertise your business and send SMS & EMAIL adverts from your shop to your TOP 50 customers on your behalf every week

  • We will help you set up a website for your shop with a dedicated email account to promote your business and teach you how to maintain it

  • We will help you design your business logo, business cards & business stationery, and arrange to print if you want.

  • We will help design special promotions to get you more customers to come to your store

Get quality SME training from our training school
  • We will give you access to our online SME Training School which you can access on your phone.

  • We will teach you everything you need to know about how to manage a small business very well

  • We will teach you how to prepare proper business plans you can present to the bank for SME loans

  • You will get a certificate of completion when you complete the course. 

  • We will give you access to our dedicated online radio station for retailers, where you can enjoy programmes specially designed for shop owners & micro businesses

Win monthly prizes & rewards
  • We will enter your name into our monthly Prize & Rewards scheme for Ogbonge Agent Members

  • Stand a chance of winning N50,000 as a cash grant towards stocking your shop

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na for beta
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